Our guide to pest control for every season

It’s a headache when pests start taking over your home and yard. That’s why it’s essential to be proactive against them! But did you know that you should be on guard at all times throughout the year? That’s because pests can be a problem during any season.

Providence Pest Control in McDonough is here to help. We’re the experts in pest control services; we can guide you through pest control for every season. Read on to learn more.


Georgia residents face several types of pests when springtime comes around. You may notice termites, bees, wasps, or even bed bugs. As the weather gets warmer this time of year, these pests begin coming out of hiding, reproducing, and causing infestations. Calling our friendly pest control experts can help keep these spring insects away!


Besides the common housefly, mosquitoes are one of the most annoying buzzing pests during summer. Hot weather also attracts nasty cockroaches. Luckily, simple chores like keeping your home clean and lawn maintenance can reduce their numbers.


Many spiders mate and reproduce in the early fall season. As a result, you could see more of them running around your home. Our pest control experts in McDonough and surrounding areas suggest spraying white vinegar in the places you commonly find them or their webs. It’s a non-toxic, invisible solution that repels spiders.


As the temperatures drop in winter, you can expect to find rodents such as mice or rats in your Georgia home. Not only will they leave behind droppings, but they could also damage your walls. If there’s one, there’s more, so schedule our team to handle it.

No matter what season it is, your home is at risk of getting invaded by pests such as termites, mosquitoes, spiders, and rats. They’re a headache to deal with! If you’ve had enough, say goodbye to pests and call us today at Providence Pest Control.