How It All Started

My name is Greg Sweat, and I am the founder of Providence Pest Control. I first fell in love with the “Bug Business” way back in 1996. My initial career path was in retail management, but because of the 70-hour weeks, I was looking for something else. A co-worker of mine whose family owned a small pest control company suggested I check out that line of business. I inquired about an open position and the rest is history.

What Keeps Me Motivated

I started on a pest route with my eye on a future management position. I absolutely loved the work. Solving problems for my customers gave me a sense of accomplishment that kept me motivated and striving to become an expert in the field. About two years in, the small company was purchased by a large corporation. I was unsure at first, but stuck it out and started working my way up through the ranks. I served in every position in the pest control business all the way up to an executive. Even though I accomplished my goals during those 20 years with that company the entrepreneur spirit was calling.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

So, after much thought, prayer and discussions with my wife and children, the decision was made. Providence Pest Control was born out of a desire to serve customers in our community and solve their bug and pest control problems. We are truly a family business. Jan, my wife, helps with the books. Emily, our daughter, follows up on our pest control services. Gregory, our son, is quickly becoming an exterminator expert at digging termite trenches and cleaning out crawl spaces.


Greg Sweat
Providence Pest Control

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